Design Process

Design Process

Getting Started

Landscape Designer or Landscaper?

Your first port of call is always a landscape designer. A landscape designer is the outdoor equivalent to the architect or building designer for your home. If you are building or renovating, consider your garden as an integral part of your overall house/site design. Make your house look like ‘IT’ has been planted in the garden by starting the design process as early as possible.

A lovely garden adds between 10 and 20% to the overall value of your property so it is wise to have a realistic budget in place for the installation of your landscape

Having a landscape designed for the first time can be a daunting prospect but also an exciting journey.

perth landscape design plan

Stage 1 : Initial Consultation

This consultation is generally on site unless you haven’t commenced construction yet. We will discuss your lifestyle, family composition budget and anything else that may influence the creation of a garden that is uniquely suited to your requirements. A written estimate for the design fee is provided during this 60 to 90 minute consultation. A detailed brief will be prepared and emailed to you after the meeting.

FEE: $350 plus GST (in the metro area)

If you decide to proceed to a full design, I request a deposit of $500 to confirm your intention to proceed.

Stage 2: Preliminary Design Concept

A site evaluation will be carried out and any features not indicated on your own plans will be added. A concept plan at 1:100 scale, in colour, will be prepared based on your design brief. This will be the floor plan of your new garden and it will indicate all hard landscaping including water features, swimming pools, pergolas, pavilions, retaining walls etc. This is collected from my office where I will go through the design with you.

FEE: $150 per hour (plus GST).

Payment is required for this stage of the design when it is collected.

landscape design plan

Stage 3: Final Landscape Design

Another meeting is arranged in my office to discuss any changes you would like to make to the design. We then move to the final stage, and lighting, dimensions and plants are added and final drafting of the plan takes place.

FEE: $150 per hour (plus GST)

Payment is required for the last stage of the design when it is collected.

On collection of the design, I will refer you to one of my installing landscapers. I can arrange a meeting with the landscaper, you and me to discuss the design or you may decide to owner build the garden from the comprehensive plans provided.

  • A detailed layout plan showing all hard landscaping, materials, levels, dimensions and lighting.
  • A tree plan showing the position of all trees
  • A planting plan showing all understorey planting
  • A tree and planting schedule show quantities and pots sizes for all plants on the plan. These are numerically cross referenced to your plan for ease of interpretation
  • Soil and cultural notes for the specification of soil preparation and other details
  • Lighting layout: Positions and types of feature lighting, mood lighting and foliage lighting
  • Material Selections

FEE: $150 per hour (Plus GST). Payment is required for this stage of the design when it is collected.